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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-07-03  |   Hits : 2651



Graduates of 2017,


Standing here, I feel like hosting an orientation to welcome you as new students, but this is actually an occasion to say goodbye. Tomorrow you are gonna attend graduation ceremony and you are receiving degree from BFSU president. And the day after tomorrow, master students will master degrees from the president as well. You will leave the school soon and today we would like take the chance to sit together, see each other and to reflect on our college life before you leave. 


By this time next month, I guess many of you would have left and you are no longer a student of IBS. Instead, you become our alumni. So that is why today we have invited Ms. Li Yike to come here to brief you about our alumni network, because you are joining an ever-expanding global alumni network of IBS. 


When you joined here two years, four years, or six years ago, I guess you never have imagined that you were gonna graduate with so many students with such a variety. Even you receive your degree tomorrow, you may not realize that how much you have achieved beyond a degree. For example, Anastasia just said she just attended oral defense for her thesis in Russia as she will get two degrees. Sonali has been studying here for six years. She has got both her Bachelor and Master Degree from IBS. As for Byung Jun, he is graduating with a degree, and also with a Chinese girlfriend. Actually this is the happiest moment for me, because I never thought we could have so many bright students when we first started this program. 


Our school, IBS started officially in the year of 2001. The first group of students included 48 Chinese students and after 10 years, we have become the largest teaching school in BFSU. In 2010, we had nearly 1200 Chinese students. Then we started to think how we can make a real International Business School. Obviously, we needed to make ourselves more international. That is why we started preparations for receiving international students. In the year of 2009, we welcomed our first group of International students, seven students from Korea. And that’s how BSFU-SolBridge got stated and after 6 years, we are the second largest school in terms of International Students Population in BFSU. 

The purpose of this program is not only to fulfill our pursuit of an truly international business school, but also to benefit bright students from other countries with international education with typical Chinese characteristics. After 3 decades of opening up, it is time for China to share with the world about its experience in economic development. We want students from different countries to get updated about the Chinese corporate management as well. We also want students to deepen their mutual understandings. 


Remember when you first entered the school, I told you that there are five things that we hope that you can develop. They are, global vision, good knowledge about economics and management, multi-lingual skills. In this international age, we have to use English as the working language internationally, but a good command of Chinese will distinguish you well from graduates from other universities or from other countries. The multi-language skills will make you stand out in competition in future. Another thing is cross-cultural skills. With students from over 50 countries, we hope that your cultural awareness has been greatly improved through classroom discussions and major cultural events, such as the International Culture Festival. We also hope you have grown a good awareness of social responsibility. After all, business school not only teaches you how to make money, rather it teaches you how to make money responsibly. 


So those are the objectives we have for our students. At this moment that you are leaving the school, I want you to ask yourself, out of these five objectives, which one have you developed yourself well? If you feel that you are not satisfied with any aspect, continue working on that, because it will benefit yourself well throughout your life.


There are many things that we did in order to help you achieve those goals. For instance, we have been trying to have more professors from other universities. Like Dr. Javier, who is present today, is from Spain, and who did his post-doc study at Cambridge University. Also, we also had many practical teaching sessions. I can remember many precious moments that we spent together, like in Immersion Week, we have been to many different places, like Shanxi, Zhejiang, Guangdong and local companies in Beijing. As you know, the purpose of the Immersion Week was to push you to know something real about China and to get closer to Chinese companies. And I was very happy to read some high-quality reports after you visited some companies. You did deliver very good presentations and have impressed managers. Another thing that’s worth mentioning is that our student union has developed well and they have organized many very meaningful events, for example today right in this room, they decorated this room and they are planning more interesting activities to promote cultural understanding and friendship among students. 


So I hope that you are going to have fond memories about IBS, because IBS will be closely related to you in future. With our joint efforts, we are determined to make our reputation stronger and stronger, because we believe a stronger reputation will be more conducive for your future career development. And we believe that if you believe in the value of this brand, you will continue to contribute to it to make it shine all the time. 


The future is unknown to anyone of us. Here I would like to share with you my personal story, which I hope will shed some light on your future career development. When I was in my middle school, I never thought about becoming a college teacher. I wanted to become government official, because it is one of the most respected job in China, but after I finished my college, I continued my postgraduate study and I chose to work as an editor in the publishing house. I worked as editor only for one month then I was transferred to Beijing government to become a real government official for one year. But very soon I found out that I disliked that job very much. I wanted to go back to university. That is how I returned to BFSU. I then worked at the central administration for several years before I went to the UK to continue my study to get an MBA degree. 


The reason why I wanted to quit my job in the central administration is that at certain point of my life, I felt an urge to to make a change to myself. Only study could help me to make the change possible. The MBA study at Lancaster University was a very special year for me, because I realized that if I wanted to make something, I could make it. That’s why I came back to BFSU to do my PHD and now I become what I am, doing something that I truly enjoy. 


Looking back, I firmly feel that an individual’s career development depends on the mixed effects of both one’s own choice and the environmental factors, which is beyond our control. One fundamental thing is that we need to make sure that we see growth in ourselves all the time. By growth, I mean both body and mind. In your age, your body is growing fast, but what is more important is to ask if your mind is also growing. For example, are you growing more mature in thinking, are you getting an unbiased view on the world? 


The world is full of uncertainties. You don’t know what will happen in future. Last month, one of my friends suddenly passed away at an age of 43. I felt very sad and I also asked myself, if I die tomorrow, will I regret about what I have done in my life? Fortunately, to me the answer is no. I will not regret, because for every step I have taken I have tried my best. I see my growth through my own efforts and I often feel the beauty of life, working with a group of devoted people including my students. 


Life is never an easy journey and the future is unknown. That is the reason why entrepreneurship intrigues me, because it is the subject that teach you how to prepare for the unknown future. Always the future will come to you no matter you like it or not, but you have got to be prepared and you have to make your mind ready. You need to make sure that you always update your mind, and you have to learn new things, new skills, make new friends, and see new possibilities. What is important is to follow your heart and then take actions. And actions will naturally lead you to next station of your life, so gradually you will find out that your life is naturally unfolding itself as long as you have tried your best. 


Your own career will formally start after you leave your university. I guess some of you may choose marriage as your career. Some of you may end up being senior managers in international corporations and some of you may become government officials. Those are your choices and that will make all the differences. 


Sometime I feel business study is very much about study of people. You know why a business is more successful is because it generates more value to customers by solving problems in society. As a person, your success also depends on the value you generate for the society. The more value you generate, the more successful you will become. So please do consider what kind of value you can add to yourself and to others. 


Be active, always be open to new things and embrace new opportunities. So that is why I encourage you to always open your mind, never stay isolated from others and always look for new opportunities and use that opportunity to realize what is unknown in your life. While you are still young, you should never be afraid of uncertainties and try to make every uncertainty into an opportunity. 


Finally, as you are becoming alumni, I expect you to remember your school and think about giving back to your school when you feel that you are capable of doing so in the future. Always support your school whenever and wherever possible, because together we can make our school better and also make you better, for example, in future if QS reaches you about your education experience at IBS, say something nice about your school. Before I finish, I would like to quote a name of a song—when I see you again, because I always look forward to seeing you again in the near future. Thank you very much!