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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-06-30  |   Hits : 2805


Group Photo of Graduates


Time passed away in a blink. On June 27th, IBS BFSU held graduation forum for all graduates of class 2017. 50 international students including 38 undergraduates and 12 postgraduates attended this forum. Dr. Liu Peng in charge of BFSU-SOLBRIDGE program, Dr. Cui Xiaoning, respondible for teaching affairs for international students, Ms. Li Yike, in charge of IBS BFSU alumni association, on behalf of IBS BFSU faculties attended this forum. 





Dr. Cui Xiaoning opened this forum with her speech in which she mentioned moments,happy or sad, in IBS BFSU made up precious memory that could be treasured for whole life. And she hoped to see visits from students to IBS after graduation. 



Outstanding Graduate Award is set to recognize the International Business School (IBS) graduating seniors who have demonstrated extraordinary performance in leadership, academic achievement, school extracurricular activities and school spirit while attending IBS BFSU. This year, 5 students stood out to receive this award. They are Anstasia, Saverio, Jahanzeb, Christopher and Steve. Dr. Liu Peng granted OGA certificate to each of them. 



















IBS BFSU has always attached great importance to IBS alumni work. This year, Ms. Li Yike was invited to brief students on IBS alumni work that has been done so far. And later she issued appointment certificates to Alumni Representatives.








"I wanna say ... to IBS BFSU" and "I would like to do...after graduation", on such topics, students exchanged views with each other. Time drifted away in the lively talks among students. At the end of this forum, Dr. Liu Peng with his own experiences encouraged students to find out their own path in future and stick to it.