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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-06-14  |   Hits : 3032

Hello everyone,


How are you?

This is Ellen from IBS.

This letter is about the application for the 2017-2018 Chinese Government Scholarship for Outstanding International Students Who Are Studying in China.


1. This scholarship is set by Chinese government to commend international students who are studying in China for their outstanding performance in terms of academic output, participation in school activities and efforts made in the promotion of the friendly exchanges between China and the rest of the world.


2. The scholarship this time covers the academic year 2017-2018. Namely, you will get scholarship money next semester and the money is for next academic year. This scholarship is a partial one. For undergraduates, winners will get 18,000 RMB once for all next semester. No scholarship tier is set.


3. Requirements for applicants.


3.1 International undergraduates who have studied in China for more than 3 semesters and have at least two semesters left before graduation can apply for this scholarship. So this time, application is open to undergraduates from 2015 spring class, 2015 fall class, and 2014 fall class (EXCLUDING students who have applied or will apply for early graduation).


3.2 Students who are with Chinese Government Scholarship (the full one) CANNOT apply for this one.


3.3 Students’ application will not be accepted under the following circumstances (within the whole study period in IBS):

1) Students violate Chinese laws or University regulations.

2) Students repeat courses due to weak academic performance.

3) Students fail to acquire necessary credits.

4) Students are not allowed to take final exams, fail or are absent in the final exams for any compulsory course (with the exception of being sick).


4. This time 3 students altogether will get the 2017-2018 CGS. It means 1 student for each class (2015 fall, 2015 spring and 2014 fall).


5. Winners of this CGS CANNOT apply for IBS scholarship next time. It means winner from 2015 spring class cant apply for IBS scholarship at 2018 spring semester; and winners from 2014 fall and 2015 fall class cant apply for IBS Scholarship at 2017 fall semester.


6. Ranking

Applicants will be ranked based on the their overall score which includes average score of all compulsory courses in 2016 spring semester and 2016 fall semester and extra points that students are rewarded for assuming the responsibility of class reps, or IBSUnion members or student ambassadors in 2016 spring semester and 2016 fall semester.


6.1 Average score of compulsory courses is calculated by teaching affairs office.


6.2 Extra Points.

Extra points are evaluated on applicants’ performance and participation in activities during the academic year of 2016. Extra Points are divided into THREE parts: 1) being student leaders; 2) participating activities at or above BFSU level; 3) being Student Ambassador. Supportive documents in hard copies are indispensable for getting extra points.


  • Extra points for being a student leader.


Student Leader


Rating Authority


President / Vice President of IBSUnion




International Student Affairs Office


Head or Minister of IBSUnion


Active Member of IBSUnion


Member of IBSUnion



Class Representative


International Student Affairs Office


During the assessed academic year, an applicant who assumed more than one leading posts in IBSUnion gets extra points of only one post, and the extra point is the higher one among all of his/her posts on the basis of the extra points standard, for example, if she/he was the President as well as the head of any IBSUnion division in the assessed academic year, she or he gets extra point for being the President of IBSUnion solely.


Extra points for class reps are given by their supervisors. That for IBSUnion President (vice) are given by IBSUnion supervisor; that for minister or head of the union are given by the president of the union and that for members (active) are given by minister or head of the union.


  • Activities.


Participation in Activities


Rating Authority

Welcome Party, SICA and other official ceremonies held by IBS or BFSU



International Student Affairs Office

Host\ Hostess


Sport and other competitions at or above BFSU level

The First Prize


International Student Affairs Office

The Second Prize


 The Third Prize



During the assessed academic year, extra points for sport and other competitions at or above BFSU level are given based on the ranking of that competition, for example, one student attended BFSU CUP and won the first prize during the assessed academic year, he/she gets 0.5 for extra point.


  • Student Ambassador.

Extra Point standards for being Student Ambassador are issued by IBS Marketing office. And staffs in IBS Marketing office will provide the name list of SA and the extra points (0-0.6 points) they get. For any detail, please reach staffs in IBS Marketing office.


7. Submitting 

In order to be awarded for scholarship, you should submit the “2017-2018 CGS for Outstanding International Students Who Are Studying in China Application Form”, “Checklist for Extra Pointsand supporting documents for extra points in hard copies to 981 IB by 5:00 p.m., June 16th, 2017 during office hour (8:30 a.m.—11:30 a.m., 2:30p.m.—5:00p.m.)


The closing date is fixed - no late applications will be accepted. 


8. Announcing

The list of 2017-2018 CGS scholarship winners will be posted on notice board for 7 days along with the Scholarship Assessment Committee’s contact information.