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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-06-12  |   Hits : 2770

06 07 09 12


PROM for Graduates of 2017
Time: entrance starting at 5:30 p.m. on June 21st.
Venue: 鍖椾含瑁曢緳鍥介檯閰掑簵锛 BJ Yulong International Hotel, near to school.

  • Buffet including wine, cakes, dishes, fruit and other food and drinking will be served. 
  • At the prom, each international student will get their own gift bag. 
  • There will be red carpet and graduation decoration prepared for students to take photos. 
  • A photographer will be there to take photos of you when you are walking on the red carpet. 
  • Performance will be appreciated. 

Dress code: black tie optional. 
Payment: 200 RMB per person.
Plus one is welcome. Plus one needs to pay.
Registration for this prom is till June 15th. 


IF you have intention to perform at the prom or being the host of the prom, pls let me know. We will appreciate it. And you will be issued certificates for that. 


Look forward to your participation, cos this is the last time school hosts a party for you all. For memory, you are suggested to be there, to chat with your friends, teachers or classmates; to dance to music, to ......
Lets be there together and make memories which will be cherished for a lifetime.