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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-06-02  |   Hits : 3124



On the 3rd day of immersion week , we first went to BEIJING ORIGIN WATER TECHNOLOGY CO LTD. WE arrived there in the morning and we had a tour guide to take us round the company and also to tell us about the company and what has been done there . we learnt that this company was founded in 2001 in Beijing and listed was listed in the stock market since 2010. They have a couple of things they do at this company such as municipal and industrial waste water treatment , waste water reclamation and recycling and also tap water treatment. Also they have a registered capital of 3.1billion RMB , market value around 60 billion RMB. 


Origin Water is the world’s largest R&D center and manufactory which is also located in Beijing. we also visited the factory to see practically how they work.

At the factory is was learnt that they have more than 30 expert doctors from all over the world, more than 300 researchers and engineeers working and also more than 350 granted patents. At the factory we also saw how the waste water is been changed into clean water which is used for agriculture and road constructions.

Another thing we also learnt was the house hold ultrafiltration membrane it helps filter waster to be able to use in our homes for house chores. this dispenser with the filter to filter the water in the home it said to me changed once a year to enable more purified water,

In all we say that we learnt that waste water can also be used again for other purposes such as road construction and agricultural means when its gone under the filtration process which is quite useful.  

Written by Group 5