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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-05-31  |   Hits : 3170



Today we had the opportunity to visit Origin water technology. The company was founded in 2001, Beijing. The three challenges they have were 1. Protecting water environment 2. Increasing water resource 3.Guaranty the security of water.                                                               


Their biggest strength is technological innovation in areas such as membrane material innovation, membrane equipment manufacturing and membrane technique application. The company is concentrating on innovative membrane technologies to find out the solution to the issues of water pollution, water scarcity, and drinking water insecurity. Their dream is to answer to our water problems and as they say it’s their "sole duty to consciously cultivate our eco-civilization". The company grew rapidly and achieved a spot as top 100 enterprises in china as well as top 100 companies in Zhongguancun 2015. It gave us somewhat deeper understanding of the importance of the clean and healthy environment around us. Surely, as future business leaders we should put eco-friendly development of the businesses as a necessary business goal. 


After a visit to Origin water we had a lecture about the 7tin’s entrepreneurship and made a company visit there. 7tin is a VR media company which is focused on reporting worldwide VR news and increases the knowledge and usage of VR products. After a visit to 7tin we understood the rapid development of virtual reality, its usage in different businesses and daily life. It gave us some ideas on the further usage of the VR products, for example in different training sessions in professions where people need to immerse in a working environment without necessarily putting oneself in danger. It was a good experience in tapping into the area which has a great potential in the future.


Written by 

Megan Lee

Dong Yeon Kim

Klaudia Olejniczak

Shokhusrav Shoinoyatov

Naomi Kwembeya