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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-05-19  |   Hits : 4251

Dear Students, Dear Friends,


When I sat down to prepare this IMMERSION WEEK (IW) welcome message, I couldn’t help recalling the IBS International Culture Festival (ICF) 2017, which was held last week. I believe everyone who participated in that event would have felt the same with me---we jointly create a vigorous, dynamic, diversified and creative IBS community. On this, I give you my heartfelt congratulations!


After ICF, here comes IW of the Spring semester. As ICF gives you a chance to showcase your cultural uniqueness and enhance your awareness of exciting world cultures, IW, which is unique to IBS, helps you to understand what is happening in the business world and apply the textbook theories into practice.


The world goes on every day with many changes. Through immersion, we hope that you will expand your horizon, think critically on the theories you've learned in the classroom, and grow more practical knowledge about the unique Chinese economic growth model and corporate management style.


As a business major, I suppose that you must have heard many economic terms about Chinese economy, such as “New Normal”, which means that the Chinese economy has entered a new phase that is different from the high-speed growth pattern in the past. It features more sustainable, mid- to-high speed growth that focuses on higher efficiency and lower cost. In the“New Normal” stage, the Chinese economy will be shifted to more advanced industrial development with high-tech, low carbon emissions with better allocation of national resources to innovation and R&D for sustainable economic growth. As a result, “Mass Innovation and Entrepreneurship” is already a national strategy, which has inspired tens of thousands of young people of your age to start up their businesses every year in China.


Therefore, we have carefully selected two types of firms for you to visit for this Immersion week, namely, the well-established firms in the manufacturing industry like Haier, Meiling, JAC Automaking, Beijing Hyundai, and the Internet-based small, medium and big businesses, like JD.COM, 7-TIN VR Media, iReader, Red lips, Vipkid, etc. We hope that you will get a better idea about how technology brings a brighter future to the world through experiencing virtual reality. Under the guidance of your supervisors, we hope that you will focus on the theme of “How Innovation Creates Corporate Competitive Advantages” when you study those live cases. You may look into their business models, marketing, CRM, innovation strategies, or internationalization strategies etc. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you look at their company websites and search necessary materials to form your preliminary opinion before you go and prepare good questions to ask the managers during your visit.


Use your group wisdom and try to work out something unique and valuable in the end. We hope that both the case companies and us will benefit from this live case study process.


Last but not least, please always remember that you are a student ambassador of BFSU IBS when you go to the companies. Please dress and behave elegantly to impress people in those firms. This tip is important. Remember, they may become your future employers and scholarship donors if you do your job well.


I look forward to another successful Immersion Week next week. Enjoy it!


Dr. Liu Peng

On behalf of IBS Team