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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-05-02  |   Hits : 4129



On April 9锛 BFSU held a ceremony to launch two new schools – the Beiwai Collage and the School of Global Governance. Sun Xueyu, head of  the human resource management office of the Organization Department of CPC Central Committee, Zhang Daliang, head of the Department of Higher Education of the Ministry of Education, Han Zhen, BFSU Council Chairman, and Peng Long, BFSU President jointly unveiled the plaques.


Beiwai College is set up to develop a high-level human resource education system with unique BFSU features, by pooling academic expertise and resources from different schools and departments of BFSU, reforming the existing undergraduate education model,  broadening the academic horizons and capabilities of our students, and creating a comprehensive, open and diversified development environment for our students. It focuses on three tasks: to explore innovative education models at undergraduate level; to develop training models for interdisciplinary, multilingual human resources; and to prepare prospective students for the School of Global Governance.


Beiwai College will serve as a pilot effort for BFSU to pursue reforms and participate in the Double First-Class initiative of China by testing new models and approaches such as independent admissions test, academic credit system, inter-departmental course selection, and dynamic management system. If proven effective, these new models and approaches will be adopted by other BFSU schools and departments.


The School of Global Governance draws on the experiences from a national pilot project undertaken by BFSU aiming at exploring new models for the production of prospective interdisciplinary professionals to work in international organizations. It is a positive effort for BFSU to reform its postgraduate programs and participate in the Double First-Class initiative. The School will serve as a teaching and research platform integrating education, think tank studies, and human resource development. It aims to develop international organization studies as a discipline, and produce prospective professionals to work in international organizations. The School is featured by : a) an academic advisory system; b) innovative curriculum design and education models; and c)new management and operation mechanisms.