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Registration notice
According to the Yangcheng County Party committee and  Yangcheng government work arrangements,Yangcheng Walking Festival will be built into an international brand event of “sports tourism integration锛宑ultural tourism integration and agricultural tourism integration”.Decided by the Yangcheng international Walking Conference Organizing Committee ,the 8th Beijing International Mountain Walking Festival of Zhongxin Cup Jincheng Yangcheng Stop of the theme “Leisure Yangcheng,Phoenix comes with”will be held in May 2017 19th  to 21th .The relevant matters concerned are hereby announced as follows: 


涓銆丒vent Theme
Leisure Yangcheng,Phoenix comes with


浜屻丒vent Time
May 2017 19th --21th


涓夈丒vent Location:Yangcheng county town


鍥涖丒vent Scale
6000 people are drew up to attend.At the same time, International Walking Union officials, Beijing international Mountain Walking Conference officials and the relevant personnel are also be invited.What’s more,National, provincial, city and county news media will also be present.


浜斻乄alking route
1. Garden City pedestrian line
Starting point:Meiyun Hotel Plaza
Stop point:Yanli Town Xingfu Village
Distance:9 kilometers
2.Green Road around the city walking line
 Starting point:Meiyun Hotel Plaza
 Stop point 1:Phoenix Town, Yuezhuang village square
 Distance:15 kilometers
 Stop point 2:Weiyangji Road Xiachuan Bridge
 Distance:20 kilometers


鍏丒vent Schedule
 1銆丷eport on 19 May
 2銆乂isit scenic spot on 20 May
 3銆丄ttend Walking Event on 21 May


涓冦丷egistration matters concerned 
鈶燝arden City pedestrian line(9锛辑):Between 12 to 65
鈶reen Road around the city walking line 1锛15锛辑锛:Between 12 to 65
鈶reen Road around the city walking line 2锛20锛辑锛:Between 12 to 55
Note: minors under the age of 18 should be accompanied by the guardian to participate in related activities
2.Physical condition requirements
Mountain Walking activities have higher requirements on the physical condition of the participants. You should be in good health, and have been long involved in walking exercises or training .Participants can choose 9 km, 15 km or 20 km project to register according to your physical condition and practical ability. 
Patients with the following diseases should not participate in this event:
锝.Patient with heart disease
锝.Patient with hypertension and cerebrovascular disease
锝.Infectious disease patients
锝.Other patients with the  diseases unfit for exercise
3.If you want to enroll for the International Walking Event,you should e-mail your electronic version of the first page of passport and the visa page to the organizing committee before May 12th . e-mail address: 372714980@qq.com
4銆乊ou also need to fill in the personal application form and group registration form and e-mail them to the organizing committee.


鍏 Reward
Every participants can receive a sports T-shirt, a hat, a pair of No. Cloth and a badge of the activity.
10 best walkers and 10 most beautiful walkers will be selected and rewarded by a bonus of RMB1000 yuan and a certificate of honor.


涔濄乀he final interpretation of this announcement shall be owned by the Yangcheng International Walking Organizing Committee.
1銆乸ersonal application form
2銆乬roup registration form


China Yangcheng International Walking Organizing Committee
                       April 10, 2017