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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-04-01  |   Hits : 2456

Often come out of good ideas?
Sensitive to business opportunities?
Got capabilities and passion?

Come and take part in 
The 9th APEX Business Challenge!!!


Real business environment
 Senior professors and senior executives
Achieve your entrepreneurial dream!





What is APEX锛

The 9th APEX Business Challenge is mainly about start-up business designed to bring out the best in the young business leaders of tomorrow. APEX is in its ninth year and is growing from strength to strength. The Challenge allows you to present your ideas and network with employers in business professionals.
By working together as a team of three to present a business plan,it is a great opportunity for you to showcase your talent in business.

Take the Challenge!
Are you the next future business leader?Prove it!



I. One group for the first(awarded锟5000), second(awarded 锟3000) , third prize(awarded锟2000)respectively. The final score is determined by comprehensive score marked in the final contest. A set of souvenirs of BFSU; access to practical support of your entrepreneurship program, inspection tour to other cities, summer internship in famous corporations,certificate of merit.
II. The Best Creative Award: Determined by the score of innovation of planning; ¥600; A set of souvenirs of BFSU.
III. The Award of Elegance: Determined by the score of live performance; ¥600; A set of souvenirs of BFSU.


How to participate

1.To register you will need a team for three undergraduates with no restrictions on major or grade. 
2.After the information being checked, groups will get the specific contest problems uniformly and are required to provide a formal business plan book in limited time.
3.Subsequently, in preliminary, participants are suggested to use visual aids such as PPT to represent their ideas and innovations. Also they are expected to make feasible analysis and answer questions raised by the judges.
4.Only the best six teams will present to the final.In final contest, previous contest problems will be adopted and revised to a certain degree. The committee will invite experienced instructors and scholars to guide the final groups. Participants need to amend their plan books, submit the newest one and demonstrate in the final contest. With all links finished, judges will raise questions and make comments. Every group will be graded on spot and certain prizes will be awarded according to the final score.


Please identify the following two-dimensional code to complete the form and directly sign up online.





The Deadline of submitting: April 2nd 24:00

If you have any question,you may send an e-mail to apex_9th@163.com and we will reply as soon as possible.


Main Contractor

Organizers: Beijing Foreign Studies University
Contractors: Beijing Zhuo Cheng Education Technology Development Co., Ltd
                     Beijing Foreign Studies University Student Office
                     Beijing Foreign Studies University Communist Youth League
                     Beijing Foreign Studies University Employment Venture Center
Co-organizer: Student Union and YLGB of International Business School of BFSU