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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-03-06  |   Hits : 2698



Extended Family is a program initiated by IBS, which offers chances for international students to make friends with Chinese people and even to live with Chinese families. Through this program, international students can taste the original flavor of the Chinese family and learn about China in person.


Culture is something that cannot be learned through books. It is something that can be acquired by practices and experiences. Here, Extended Family provides international students a precious opportunity to immerse themselves in Chinese culture. By involving in our “extended family” project, students will make friends with Beijing local families. As families and friends, they will invite students to their home or go outing for weekends and holiday from time to time. Students may feel lonely and confusing when they move to a new country, and having local extended families could be great support to them. Furthermore, through the interactions with local families, overseas students can gain better understandings of Chinese life and Chinese culture. Apart from enriching after-school life, this will also be a great opportunity for foreign students to experience the local culture of Beijing.
In last semester, nearly 40 international students had fun with their Chinese families.


If you want to speak Chinese fluently, learn about Chinese lifestyle, and know about China through your own experiences, what are you waiting for?  Do feel free to contact Ellen Crystal via ellencrystalma@bfsu.edu.cn to sign up for this program.