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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-03-01  |   Hits : 2808

Dear Overseas Students,
Greetings from Overseas Students Affairs Office!
In line with notifications from police, our office would like to remind all overseas students of paying attention during study and holidays to the following issues:
1.    Personal Safety
Please obey laws and disciplines, and avoid overdrinking, fighting with others, travelling together with strangers or accepting food or drinks from strangers. We strongly recommend you to find a person as company when you go out.
2.    Accommodation Safety
Students who live inside campus should obey the rules. Please note that it is not allowed to stay overnight out of the campus, accept guests staying overnight, splice electric wires or use high-power electrical appliance in dormitory. Students who live outside the campus should be careful with the use of electricity and fire to prevent accidents.
3.    Traffic Safety
Please note that in China cars go along the right side. At present there are around 5.6 million motor vehicles and more than 3 million electric bicycles in Beijing, and hence the traffic condition is very complicated. We request all students to pay close attention to traffic safety and obey traffic rules. Please do not take unlicensed taxi, or ride motor car or electric bicycle without license. Drunk driving and carrying a passenger are also strictly prohibited.
4.    Property Safety
When taking a taxi, going shopping or joining a party please take care of your valuables such as wallet and certificates. Please lock the doors and windows of your room when you are out. Do not offer any opportunity to thieves due to your recklessness.
5.    Take Precautions Against Network and Telecom Fraud
Nowadays criminals have various ways to commit network and telecom fraud to which overseas students appear to be vulnerable. In order to protect your property, please enhance anti-fraud awareness and make sure you “do not believe, do not contact, hence do not be tricked”.
There are many other aspects that you need to be careful, yet as long as you strengthen your awareness of self-protection and ask for help from teachers or police (call 110) when encountering danger, you will be able to enjoy a happy semester!


Beijing Foreign Studies University
Overseas Students Affairs Office
March, 1st 2017