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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2017-02-28  |   Hits : 2812

Dear students, 

The 2017 School Ambassador program (SA program) is now open for application!!! 

The SA program is designed to build students’ various abilities through practical experience including communication skills, market investigations, business development and etc., with the purpose to better promote IBS programs in perspectives of students from different countries and regions.

Please find the attachment for application requirements, responsibilities and benefits details.
If you are passionate in marketing or would like to make connections between IBS and your country, do not hesitate to send your resume to zhaolei14@bfsu.edu.cn before 24th March.

The interview will be arranged at 3.30 pm 29th March. Location will be informed to qualified applicants. A presentation is requested during the interview. 

Looking forward to your brilliant ideas!


IBS School Ambassador Recruitment and Management System
1.    Application Requirements 
A.    Degree-pursuing students (undergraduates and postgraduates) who are studying at IBS.
B.    In love of IBS and interested in Marketing and Publicity.
C.    Good English and communication skills.
2.    Term & Responsibility 
A.    Recruitment of School Ambassador is once a year and the due term of each School Ambassador is one year.
B.    Description of Responsibility 
a.    4 hours on duty at the Marketing office is required every week. Specific assignment will be given by staffs of the Marketing office (i.e. Translation of promotional materials). At the end of the day, School Ambassadors should submit work report which will be regarded as reference for annual assessment. 
b.    Active participation and assistance of School Ambassadors are required in publicity activities initiated by the Marketing office. 
c.    Active and creative promotion of School Ambassadors for IBS programs is strong appreciated via multiple channels. 
3.    Assessment Criteria (A*20% + B*30% + C*50%)
A.    Weekly attendance and assignment completion. (20%) 
B.    Participation in publicity activities of the Marketing office mainly the accumulation of bonus points. School Ambassadors will be given bonus points for their performance based on the duration of a certain activity. Namely, for activities of one day or less than one day, School Ambassadors will get one point; for activities of more than one day, School Ambassadors will get bonus points equal to the days of the activities. Bonus points will be another reference for annual assessment. (30%)
C.    Development of effective market resources (50%) including
a.    Cooperative schools at all levels such as high schools, universities, colleges, training institutions and etc.
b.    Educational consultant agencies. 
c.    Enrolled applicants for degree programs
4.    Assessment Results
A.    According to responsibility and assessment system, the Marketing office will select out Outstanding School Ambassador(s) and School Ambassador (s) at the end of their tenure.
a. Outstanding School Ambassador(s) will get 0.6 points as extra points in IBS Scholarship assessment, Outstanding School Ambassador Certificate as well as recommendation letter for marketing internship issued by IBS. 
b. School Ambassador(s) will get 0.3 points as extra points in IBS Scholarship assessment and School Ambassador Certificate. 
c. Disqualified school ambassador(s) will be removed from their positions and disqualified from getting due certificates if they fail to reach standards of their responsibility.
B. Outstanding School Ambassador(s) can directly apply for a second term as School Ambassador(s) for the next year.