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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2016-12-16  |   Hits : 3710

Hello everyone, 

You are gonna graduate from IBS in three weeks. We think it is a good time to start the Outstanding Graduate Award application. This semester the graduating class has 11 students. Thus, there will be one student who will be selected as OA representing the graduating class of 2016 fall. 

How to select an OA? 

First, general requirements for all potential candidates: 
* Seniors must graduate in the same semester in which they are nominated as candidates of the Outstanding Graduate Award. Graduating seniors must at all times adhere to the following requirements in order to guarantee their candidacy.
* Abide by national laws and University and school’s regulations and avoid bringing the University and school’s name and reputation into disrepute in their study at the IBS.
* Complete the requirements for his or her undergraduate degree during the current academic year.
* Must have passed all courses and never took make-up exams and retook courses in their study at the IBS.

Second, Assessment procedures: 
* if you wanna apply the OGA, you should first submit a personal report (the sample is in the attachment). 
* teaching affairs office will give academic assessment after we got your personal statement. Top 30% of the graduating seniors ranked by the average grades of four years' compulsory core courses will be qualified to enter the peer evaluation process. 
* peer evaluation is carried out in the form of voting by students from graduating class 2016 fall .
* student affairs office will gather the result of peer evaluation. The final result will be on the basis of candidates' performance stated in the personal statement, assessment from teaching affairs office and votes from his/her peers from the graduating class. 

Third, time table of the OGA:
* Submission of personal statement: from Dec.15th to Dec,19th. (you could submit your statement to 981IB or send it to me by email)
* Assessment from Teaching office: from Dec.20th to Dec. 21th.
* Peer evaluation: from Dec.22 to Dec. 25th. 
* Overall assessment and announcement: from Dec.26th to Dec.29.
* Ceremony