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Author : ISAO  |   Publish Time : 2016-12-06  |   Hits : 3943

Held by New Sunshine Charity Foundation in Beijing, this voluntary activity is meant to provide a warm and happy Christmas party for the children suffering from leukemia.

New Sunshine Charity Foundation is the only charity foundation in China that focuses on fighting against leukemia in a professional way. In 2012, it was awarded the highest level 5A in the assessment of social organizations, and ranked the first for its transparency index on the website of China Foundation Center.



2016.12.16   13:00-17:30 

 Where to Go

Beijing Haidian Christian Church 

( Members of the BFSU Volunteers Association will lead you to the place)


Who to Serve:child leukemia patients who are now in maintenance period


What to Do: Assigned by groups

Game group: (9 volunteers) accompany the children during game time.

Material group:( 5 volunteers) manage, arrange, and distribute the materials needed that day, including prop for a play and Christmas gifts for the children.

Technique group:( 1 volunteer) play PPT, music and so on.

Flexible group:(3 volunteers) guide the children and their parents into the hall and stand by for any situation of emergency.


We are looking for volunteers in good health because the immunity of those children has not yet recovered.

We sincerely hope you are caring, passionate, reliable and will accompany the children patiently.


Send your name, grade, major and contact information to our e-mail 

bfsuqxhdbm4@163.com before 24:00 on the day 12.07

Or on-site application: from 11锛30~13锛30 on Wednesday afternoon锛 you  can  go  to  the  Chinese Building and apply for our  activity directly.